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It's hard to criticize this piece at all. We'll just go down the list. "Vision" always confuses me a little, but from the way I interpret it, you get an A+ haha. "Originality": Dew on leaf/grass/flower is not exactly uncommon. Your way of doing it (such tiny beads, the minimal depth of focus, the angle of the foliage across the shot [I usually see it vertically oriented]) earned back a lot of points, however. This intense macro is very original.

"Technique": This is beautiful. The colors, the intense contrast that lent to the darkened frame edges, and of course that focus... My only thing would be that it hurts my eyes a touch. It's not the intense blur, I love that. But I wish that the focus had just been a little wider, so a little more was in focus. It makes my eyes strain some as it is.

"Impact": My jaw literally dropped and I said, "Oh, wow..." when I saw it. I'd give you ten stars if I could. This piece is wonderful and I will be favoriting it.
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aeroartist Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
thank you so much for such a thorough and thoughtful critique :) yeah, the originality points i can certainly understand :D hopefully i'll get even more adventurous as i experiment more with macro. thanks again :)
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